Sea Glass Beach


Alternate name:
Playa de Muertos
Good for:
Beachcombing, Fishing

Sand Type/Color:
Tan, with large gravel
For a beach this close to town, we didn't see too much trash here
Water Quality: 
The water can be a bit muddy depending on the prevailing winds, but can also be crystal clear. Seaweed isn't common here.

From town (Isabel II), take main street (Calle Muñoz Rivera) north toward the water. Just before the dead end, turn left and go one block. Then turn right toward the water and follow the curve to the left.

There is a very small parking area here near a hand-painted sign for Seaglass Beach. You must park at the top of the hill, there is no parking down the hill. If necessary, retrace your steps and find street parking in town within a block or two. The beach is down the steep hill.


Sea Glass Beach is a small beach right in the town of Isabel II. It’s claim to fame is seaglass of course, but it also has nice views of the Isabell II harbor, and across to mainland Puerto Rico. The beach is so shallow that it is almost non-existent during high tide.

Not a great place to park a chair and chill, but you can fish and comb for treasures here.

There is shade here from the overhanging trees.