Playa Navio


Good for:
Strong swimmers and sightseeing

Sand Type/Color:
Pure white beautiful Caribbean sand
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear.

This is a southside beach on Route 997, accessed through the gate to Sun Bay, 1/4 mile east of the Green Store in Esperanza.

Enter the gate and drive into Sun Bay, turning left along the sandy beach road. Drive all the way along the Sun Bay beach to the east end, and continue on the road as it bears left away from the water. Stay on the road around the large right curve back toward the water. You’ll arrive at Media Luna beach, but we’re heading to Navio, so turn left and then take the left turn on the gravel road away from this beach.

Continue down this gravel road, slowly as needed because of the rough road. Some ground clearance is needed, but most vehicles can make it. It’s not far; you’ll eventually arrive at Navio. Park on the left and walk over to the sand. Parking is mostly out of site of the beach, so it’s advised to not leave valuables in the car, and just leave it unlocked.

Navio is a public park administered by the Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural Resources. It is a smaller beach with pure white sand exposed to the trade winds and waves. It’s a beautiful place, but can have rough surf many days – it’s not a great beach for small children. On each side are rocky shorelines. In the middle it is beautiful white sand and the water is a gorgeous blue.

There is little to no shade on this beach so plan accordingly.