Monte Santo Playa


Good for:
Beachcombing, quiet solitude, fishing, snorkeling

Sand Type/Color:
Golden / Amber, almost reddish
Sadly, there's a fair amount of trash in this area
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear here

From town (Isabel II), take Rte 200 west toward the airport. Turn right at the closed gas station on the right (Marisol Total). Take this road down toward the water. When the road turns sharply left, look down the hill to the right – that path goes to the beach you seek. Find an empty house you can park at – there are a few in this area. Better, ride bikes down here and lock them up down on the sand after you walk down the path to the beach.


This northside beach is difficult to find and to find a place to park, but it’s a nice, scenic, peaceful place to spend an hour or two.

It’s more likely you’ll see horses rather than people on this beach. Bring a snack and some cold drinks and enjoy the solitude of Monte Santo Playa, where you can find seaglass and shells, go fishing, or go snorkeling on calm days.

There is a little shade here near where the path comes out on the sand.