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Cemetery Beach


Good for:
Hunting for shells & seaglass and sightseeing

Sand Type/Color:
This area can be trashy, some of the worst on Vieques
Water Quality: 
Crystal clear Atlantic Ocean water

From town, take Rte 200 west out of town. Turn right at the corner of Rts 200 and 201, toward the water.

Down the road, take the first left into the neighborhood before the cemetery. Go right, and then a quick left. Finally, turn right and take the road down toward the water.

Park near the gazebo and follow the drainage down to the beach. The standard advice applies here: “don’t leave any valuables in the car and don’t lock the car”.


This is a small beach on the northside just downhill from the “new” cemetery (which is now overflowing). It is a small cove that gets a little tight in high tides, so it’s worth keeping an eye on on the water level if you spend more than an hour or so there. We were told by a local that the neighborhood just up from there isn’t very safe, so she didn’t recommend we spend time on this beach.

Nevertheless, we have always had fun there collecting seaglass and seeing the view of mainland PR, Culebra, and the Isabel II harbor. The only person we’ve ever seen on this beach was a man and his young son. Unfortunately there are rocks all along the water, and the seas can be rough here so it’s not suitable for swimming or other water activities.

There is some shade here, near where the path comes down to the sand.

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