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Airport Beach


Good for:
Mostly snorkeling, but also some good beachcombing

Sand Type/Color:
Golden/tan sand
There's a fair amount of trash here - it needs a good beach scrubbing
Water Quality: 
The water can be very clear, or somewhat cloudy if it has been stirred up by storms.

This beach is on the northside, just off the east side of the airport on 200. Look for the small opening in the brush on the water side of the road. Park by the road and walk down the steep opening.


Airport beach is actually more than just a place to launch small boats and to snorkel, at least at low tide. We’ve recently discovered that there is much more to see toward the west (left from the beach opening) if you climb over the rocks or go around them in the water. There really isn’t a beach at all over there, at high tide, so if you want to walk dogs or beachcomb it really has to be at low tide.

That said, if you get over those rocks there is a nice little beach with easy spots to get in the water and snorkel, or just to cool off. It’s just off the side of the airport runway and the planes take off almost right above you. There is good beachcombing, and nice views of PR mainland, Rompeolas pier, and Culebra. The beach could use a good cleanup though.

The snorkeling can be excellent when the wind is from the southeast, protecting this beach from turbulence. We’ve seen many beautiful fish and more than one lobster here.

There is also some shade under the overhanging bushes. Again, at low tide.

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