Hi, thanks for stopping by this little island in the sun. We're Norm & Deb, and we retired in May 2017, a bit earlier than normal because we just couldn't stand being away from the beach any longer. We found Vieques online and came here sight unseen shortly after Hurricane Maria bullied her way through the area. It was a mess, but the beaches were still beautiful! It's only gotten better since then, so here we are and we still can't stop going to the beach! Vieques beaches are wonderful and plentiful - a precise number is difficult but it's at least 50. We're currently showing the 35 beaches we've explored - several remain off-limits and many are accessible only by boat. So we put together the Vieques Beach Map, which we update and improve as we go.

If you're interested in our early retirement adventure, you can follow us over at KneeDeepInIt.com where we talk about the fun of island life, the seriousness of retirement finances, and the overall adventure of living in and traveling around the Caribbean.